Together we can save lives


This year is our 31 year anniversary

Please help our shelter animals 

& future rescues

Wish List

Cans of Pedigree dog food(no gravy)

Cans of Alpo dog food (no gravy)

Small jars of Chicken, Turkey or Beef baby food

Cat litter (any kind)

Dog collars & leashes (any size)

Clorox wipes

Murphy's liquid soap

Cat toys

Chinese Auction Baskets/prizes

Gently used yard sale items

If you don't have time to buy & bring items 

Go on 

Press Wish list & then type in

"Pet Connection Programs Inc. Wish List"

for shelter supplies


"Pet Connection Prize wish list" 

for prizes for our fundraiser




Nino's Pizza of West Seneca is selling pizza 

to help the animals of Pet Connection Programs Inc.! 

For every pizza purchase, Nino's is donating a portion 

of the profits for the shelter animals! 

Stop in today to feed yourself, and an animal in need!!! 

Nino's @ 1737 Orchard Park Rd West Seneca, NY 14224

Make sure you put Pet Connection Programs Inc.
to get the funds from your order
Thank you - now let's save some animals 

Approximately 800 dogs & cats are KILLED 
each HOUR in the United States, 
because there are not enough homes for them! 
There is no excuse not to spay or neuter your pet

Please join our 2000 club  
If we can get 2000 people to donate $10.00 a month 
our shelter could continue to save lives.
So we are asking 2000 people to please 
Go to the web page called "Donations To Save a Life"
press the "Donate now" button and donate $10.00 
or send your donation to:
Pet connection Programs Inc.
P.O.Box 149
Marilla, N.Y. 14102 
We also have automatic checking account withdraw  
call the shelter at 652-0192 
We are struggling, please help
Money raised will go to our "S.A.M."
Save A Mom program
We are a maternity shelter 
We rescue locally & from all over the country
pregnant,nursing & orphans
They have been abandoned by their owners 
to die on the streets or in pounds  
Please help us raise funds  

 Stop by "Cash for Cans"  

2990 Seneca St., West Seneca, 

Drop off your returnable bottles and cans.

Money will be donated 

to the shelter animal

We are in need of a 
1 ton full size and or extended van &
 a generator that goes on automatically
     to keep our electric on in case of a power outage 
                 We have at least a dozen power outages a year           Please help 
  We also in need of Pedigree with no gravy puppy/dog can food,
      Flex large 30 gal. or Flex kitchen size garbage bags, bleach
      put in enclosed porch of larger building - can dropped off anytime 
Please donate because you care
It is tax deductable

Pet Connection Programs Inc.
a non profit maternity
special care animal shelter
12935 Williston Rd
East Aurora,N.Y. 14052
716 652-0192 or go to the 
"Donations to Save A Life" web page
and press the donate now button
to donate on line
 You must take one very short orientation                                          
  before you can be a permanent volunteer
Please contact the shelter if you want to attend one
at 652-0192
No one under 18 years of age can volunteer - 
even with a guardian
 Call for details - 652-0192 or email us at
Thank you & now lets save some lives